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Social Studies

The Social Studies Department at Goldendale High School consists of 3 certified teachers. These teachers provide many different opportunities for students. Social Studies offered at GHS:

  • Applied Psychology (One Semester, 10th-12th Grade Elective, .5 Social Studies Credit): Learn about the major theories of human behavior and how each theory attempts to understand and explain the human experience. Students will learn about dogs, rats, dreams and the brain. The second half of the class is about relationships with friends, co-workers and mates. There is some reading, several class and small group projects and numerous class experiments scheduled to help the broad topic of Psychology and self-understanding come to life.
  • Civics-Contemporary Issues (All Year, 12th Grade Requirement): This course involves the study of the national government of the United States, as well as the U.S. Constitution and Current World Issues.
  • Parenting (One Semester, 9th-12th Grade, .5 Social Studies Credit):  Class studies the issues and roles pertaining to being an effective parent as a child grows from birth to adulthood. Students study parenting styles and philosophies, the needs of children at each developmental stage and the typical challenges that make parenting one of the most rewarding and exhausting roles in life. Students observe children, design age-appropriate activities and are responsible for the care of a "Baby Think It Over". 
  • U.S. History (All Year, 11th Grade Requirement): Course covers the history of the United States; it may include material from the Pre-Columbian period to modern times.
  • Washington State History (One Semester, 9th-12th Grade Requirement If Not Completed in 7th or 8th Grade): Course includes the historical foundations and government of our state. 
  • World Geography (One Semester, 9th-12th Grade SS Elective): Course covers the physical and cultural geography of the world. Topics include physical features, natural resources, political features, government, and cultural aspects of each continent. Students will understand human interaction with the environment, as well as the geographical context of global issues.
  • World History (One Semester, 9th-12th Grade SS Elective): Course includes the study of humans and their accomplishments from prehistoric times to the present. This course counts as a Social Studies credit. It may not be used as fine arts for admission to the University of Washington or Western Washington University.