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Physical Education

The Physical Education and Health Department at Goldendale High School consists of 2 certified teachers. These teachers provide many different opportunities for students. P.E. and Health classes offered at GHS are:

  • HEALTH & FITNESS:  one semester health & one semester fitness (9th grade REQUIREMENT) Course enables the student to develop physical and academic knowledge, skills, and abilities related to human performance.  Students will have the opportunity to increase personal physical fitness levels and master skills that will afford opportunity for greater physical accomplishment and lifelong healthy practices.  Health topics covered include Healthy Foundations, Mental & Emotional Health, Healthy and Safe Relationships, Nutrition and Physical Activity, Drugs and Diseases and Disorders. Students will also earn a two year certificate in First Aid and CPR.  
  • GENERAL FITNESS:  all year or semester (9th-12th grade) The purpose of this course is to help students improve personal fitness levels through participation in a variety of fitness components.  Emphasis will be on cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility.  The class will utilize aerobic activities, body weight exercises, weight lifting, core strength, and flexibility exercises.  Students will gain a basic understanding of the physiological foundation of weight training and fitness, running technique and form, as well as proper nutrition. 
  •  LIFETIME FITNESS: all year or semester (9th-12th grade) The purpose of this course is to help students of all fitness levels develop a solid foundation of training principles and guidelines of flexibility, fitness and wellness components, nutrition, weight control, and stress management.  Specifically, this course will include activities that one can continue to pursue into adulthood (walking/running, biking, golf, disc golf, tennis, hiking/backpacking).  Throughout this course, students will develop a working knowledge of the benefits of exercise and a physically active lifestyle. 
  • ZERO HOUR WEIGHTS: all year or semester (9th-12th grade) The purpose of this course is to help students develop strength and power through lifting weights.  This course will include the teaching of proper technique and safety practices.  Students will learn exercises designed to work all major muscle groups and a basic understanding of physiological and anatomical concepts needed to develop their own strength training regiment. 
  • PERFORMANCE TRAINING: all year or semester (10th-12th grade) Health/Fitness course designed for 9th-12th grade students wishing to be part of a rigorous curriculum to enhance knowledge, skills and abilities related to human performance.  Weight Lifting will be part of this class but with a fitness emphasis.  Upon successful completion of Performance Training, students will have increased their personal physical fitness; developed knowledge of health and fitness concepts realized the requirements of the Washington State Health & Fitness Standards (CBA) and mastered skills that will afford opportunity for greater physical accomplishments.  Full participation is mandatory.  This includes maintaining daily portfolio entries and suiting for class every day in the required uniform.  Because of the physical rigor of this course, students should have a baseline level of physical fitness with no physical limitation that would prevent full participation.  Prerequisite:  Must be in athletics or have teacher permission if 9th grade, or have successfully completed 9th grade Health/Fitness with a C to at least be eligible for Performance Training 1.