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Scholarship Tips

  • Many scholarship applications require a transcript. Please fill out this form. Official transcripts will be sent to the scholarship committees or you can pick them up in the CCC Office. You will need a separate transcript for each scholarship. 
  • If the scholarship is a Google Form, you still need to print the form and turn it in with your documents. If the application requires an essay or a list, as in Community Service Performed or Employment History, it is important to attach another sheet because Google Forms does not allow for paragraph spacing.
  • Scholarship committees have different requirements for when, where and how to turn in applications. Check carefully for each scholarship's requirements.
  • Remember to answer all questions with complete sentences. Double-check your spelling and make sure your sentences make sense to the reader. Consider these as professional documents.
  • Open up and tell them who you are. Explain in detail the challenges that you have faced and how you have overcome them. Let us know if we can help!
  • If the application is to be turned in to the GHS CCC Office, please mail, email or drop off your completed scholarship application to the following address before the published deadline:
           Goldendale High School Scholarships
           c/o Marintha Rising
           525 Simcoe Dr.
           Goldendale, WA 98620
           509-773-5846 ext. 255

Open Scholarships

State/Federal Scholarship Opportunities                         Local scholarship opportunities